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Regret Overeating this Past Weekend? The Real Reason You Did, it May Surprise You

Regret Overeating this Past Weekend? The Real Reason You Did, it May Surprise You

But... if you are ever in a position where you feel guilt or regret after eating, I can tell you right now, that is NOT normal.


What IS our normal state, is one where we are at ease, steady + joyful.
Not bloated, embarrassed or in a food coma where our brains can’t function properly.
So, what are some of the signs of an unhealthy overeating experience?
-You overeat in response to a build up of anxiety, fear, tension or stress
-You overeat to nurture, soothe, comfort or nourish yourself or your unmet needs
-You overeat to take your mind off of what is going on around you + to “numb” yourself out
Why am I telling you this? Because all 3 of these unhealthy thought patterns are 100% reversible.
Shifting your mindset IS possible + if you follow these easy steps, you will watch the overeating decrease over time:

Identify the Breaking Point

That moment where you feel like a tea kettle about to boil, where the anxiety + stress has built up to a degree where you feel like you will burst if you don’t reach for a donut or another bite...identify it.
Then, immediately take an action that will help you release + redirect  those intense feelings of fear, anxiety or tension/stress. Run out your front door if you have to + take a walk around the block. If you play an instrument, take it out + immediately start playing it. Get on the phone + call a friend. Whatever will take your focus + energy AWAY from the “breaking point” feelings is what you need to do for yourself in that moment.
Practice Nurturing Yourself + Meeting Your Own Needs
We are doing a great disservice to ourselves + to those around us when we don’t deem ourselves worthy of our own self care + soothing.
Identify what your needs are: Is it more sleep? More alone time? More exercise? More social time?, Etc.?
Then, commit to meeting those needs 1-3 times a week to start.
Make this a weekly habit that it integrates into your lifestyle + over time, you will feel nourished, healthy + whole.
Allow Your Feelings To Be What They Are
Please consider the fact that any time that you are judging, criticizing or suppressing your own, authentic feelings that you are actually rejecting yourself.
You are in a way saying:  “What I am feeling is wrong” or “Why can’t I be different?” or “I don’t love you when you act like this”.
And sadly, the way we treat ourselves teaches others how to treat us also.
So practice seeing yourself through the eyes of compassion + allowing your feelings to be what they are.
Don’t complicate this process by needing to know what they mean or why you are feeling the way you do.
How about you just start by letting them be there in the first place?
Shifting our relationship with food involves liberating ourselves from self limiting beliefs + having the courage the step boldly in a direction that champions our well being. 

By Alba Creales

Using the science of yoga which teaches us that the outer expression of our bodies is merely an indicator of the internal self, Alba will customize a program for you that includes refining or beginning your asana practice (the physical practice of yoga) and traditional coaching in addition to any number of yogic tools like chanting, meditating or reading sacred texts. Alba uses Skype, emails + phone calls to support her growing client base all around the world.  To find out more about Alba, visit

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