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Crocodile Crocodile - A Kid's Meditation

Crocodile Crocodile - A Kid's Meditation


What is Crocodile? 
Crocodile is a restorative body posture that uses props rather than muscle engagement to support the body and maintain the posture, allowing the body to relax fully.

How does it help me?
Crocodile is a very grounding posture, meaning the body and mind will feel anchored and connected to the present moment rather than scattered and/or anxious. It is very calming and relaxing.

What do I need? 
•    A bolster (or folded up blanket or pillow)
•    A yoga block*

How do I do it?
•    Lie face down on your belly, placing yoga bolster (or folded blanket) under your ribcage.
•    Place a yoga block under your forehead.
•    Relax your arms and legs completely, allowing the body to be fully supported by the props and the floor.
•    Breathe deeply, feeling the belly expand and release against the floor.
•    Allow yourself to be heavy, imagine sinking deeper into the floor with each exhale.
•    Stay in this deeply relaxing posture for 5-10 minutes.

*Tip: If you do not have a block you can stack your hands or fists on top of one another and rest your forehead on the top hand/fist.

By Lisa Roberts

Lisa Roberts E-RYT 200, RCYT, and Certified Children's Yoga Therapist, has worked in the pediatric wellness field since 2006.

The founder and director of YoYo Yoga Therapy ( she works with individual clients and small groups on a regular basis, and teaches at a variety of family and youth support centers in the Saint Louis area including a major children’s hospital where she founded the yoga therapy program offering yoga, meditation and relaxation to patients, patient siblings, parents/families and staff.

Lisa also offers professional trainings on Kids Adaptive Yoga for professionals who work with children. She is the author of
Breathe, Chill - A Handy Book of Games and Techniques Introducing Breathing, Relaxation and Meditation to Kids and Teens.





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