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Empower and Energize

Empower and Energize

Are you ready to feel energized and empowered and embark upon your day? Or do you just feel like lounging on your couch or staying in bed with the covers over your head?

If you’ve been feeling stressed out or simply lethargic, yoga is one of the most powerful ways to lift your spirits and feel better. Often, we feel depleted because we are focusing on external events, or we’ve slipped into a pattern of being sedentary. This week, take some time to rebuild your strength, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

According to several studies in Psychology Today, author Kimerer L LaMothe Ph.D shared that movement helps depression, mindset, longevity, and more:

Movement is what humans are. And when humans move their bodily selves—whether consciously exercising or not—they stimulate whatever resources exist within them for responding to life’s challenges—whether those challenges hale from cancer, depression, death, or a math problem.” February 29, 2016, Psychology Today

We are made up of energy or prana and if we don’t move and breathe regularly, we can feel stagnant and blocked. It’s a pattern where the less you move, the less you want to move. We’ve got four classes specifically designed to revitalize and energize you. Yoga helps us to improve our thoughts and feel more comfortable in our own skin. Trust that each time you step onto the mat, you are empowering yourself by improving your health and well-being.

Whether you are in the United States and are traveling or dealing with challenging family members over the Thanksgiving holiday or you simply have found yourself working too much and not moving enough, this week’s classes are specifically designed to revitalize you. Movement is one of the best ways to feel your best and stay calm under pressure. Plus, if you are celebrating the holiday, some twisting and vigorous movement will help you digest more efficiently! So try one or all of these energizing practices and see how great you feel!

p.s. We here at are grateful for you!

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