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Full Body Yoga!

Full Body Yoga!

Some days you feel like focusing on backbends, some days you want to open your hips, and some days you want a step-by-step class to master your handstand. Plenty of specialty yoga classes will help you narrow your focus and pursue specific goals. Some days, however, you want a practice that’s going to address your head to toe health: enter Full Body Yoga!

While there are numerous benefits to focusing on a single body part or seeking a particular feeling like serenity or vitality, one of yoga’s magical benefits comes from its ability to be a complete solution to feeling your best. A well-rounded yoga practice focuses on flexibility, balance, and strength––inside and out.

When you’re flowing on your mat, your entire body, mind, and spirit are engaged. It’s not like when you’re lifting weights and you’re isolating the back of your arms with triceps extensions or working your pectorals with a bench press. Instead of working body parts separately, a full body yoga practice requires your muscles to work together so you’re moving more like an athlete. Moving through a standing yoga flow requires you to integrate your arms and legs with your core and trunk. This powerful practice helps you develop coordination, balanced strength and mobility, as well as flexibility.

When you’re synchronizing your breath with your movements, you’re engaging your respiratory system, your circulatory system, and your nervous system. A yoga class that engages your total body requires all your internal and external systems to work in synergy with each other. As a result, your mind becomes more clear and quiet, your emotions soften, and your energy levels stabilize.

For those days when you’re seeking one modality to address the complete you, look no further than this week’s four new full body yoga classes. Each class has been designed to make sure you’re working your full body in fun and creative ways. Enjoy!

Full Body Loosen Up - Shy Sayar

Full Body Mash Up - Jessica Oldfield

Full Body Power Vinyasa Flow - Tereza Sauerova

25-Minute Full Body Yoga - Keith Allen

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