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Ways to Relax Over the Holiday Season

Ways to Relax Over the Holiday Season

The holiday season brings with it all sorts of fun and good times, but it's also important to rest yourself for the year ahead.

This time of year is always fun and exciting, but it can sometimes be hard to switch off and relax when so much is happening. But it’s important to take some time out to rest in preparation for the year ahead.

Over the holidays, there are always plenty of parties and people to catch up with while you take time away from work. But it’s also a time to step back and unwind, which can be hard to do if you find it difficult to switch off. Here are our top tips to take some time to rest over the holidays.

1. Make a to-do list

The best thing you can do to help you relax over the holidays is to make a to-do list of everything that needs doing before you switch off. Decide what the priorities are and what can wait till the new year, but be strict and get as much done as you can so you don't worry about it over your time off. This means you’ll have less on your plate to worry about.

2. Make a planned return

It's also very important to clearly lay out what needs to be done when you come back to the workspace. You won't feel relaxed if you come back in January to a mountain of tasks, and knowing all the things you have to do will hinder you from chilling out over the holidays. Knowing exactly what you need to do when you go back to work is crucial to allow yourself to unwind. Make a list of tasks to do on your return, so that when you do go back to work you can hit the ground running. This also means it will be much easier to get back into the swing of things after some time off.

3. Log off from work

It's really easy to take a quick look at any emails or messages while you're supposed to be relaxing, especially with everything at the touch of a fingertip on our phones. Try not to be tempted to have a quick look and anything work-related. If you bring work home with you, it's going to be so much harder to relax and switch off. Log out of everything that you're usually checking during your workday, this will help you mentally switch off and relax.

 4. Don't say yes to everything

Over the holiday season, there are going to be lots of invitations, parties and catching up with old friends. However, don't feel pressured to say yes to everything you get invited to. It might be tempting to fill your schedule, but this also means that you won't have the time to yourself to relax. It's ok to say no if you're not feeling up for things - you can always make plans for the New Year when people are generally freer.

 5. Indulge in bonding activities

It might be tempting to stick the TV on or scroll on your phone, but a great way to relax is to bond with your loved ones by doing an activity. Board games are a great way to have fun, relax and spend time with friends and family. This can also take your mind off any stress and get your brain working.

6. Watch favorite movies

Watching movies and being cozy while it's cold outside is a great way to relax. It can be the ultimate switching off activity and helps to keep your mind off work or stress for at least a couple of hours. Even better if you can add in a favorite warm drink and some cozy blankets, to fully help you unwind.

7. Go for a walk

If the weather is nice, then getting out and stretching your legs in the winter air is a great way to switch off and unwind. Getting outdoors automatically boosts your mood, and it can be a great way to escape any festive chaos indoors. Quiet, peaceful walks full of natural beauty can lower stress levels as well as blood pressure.

8. Plan fun things

Don’t confuse switching off with doing absolutely nothing. If you make no plans and just sit around all day, you’re going to get very bored very quickly. Make plans and give yourself something fun to look forward to, so you really enjoy your time off. You don’t want to feel like you didn’t make the most of your time off when you go back to work!

9. Do something nice for yourself

We’re so generous over the holidays with other people, we can often forget to be generous to ourselves. Take some time to do something nice for yourself, this could be taking yourself shopping, to a spa, or even a nice meal.

No matter what your plans are over the holiday season, we hope these tips to help you fully relax will come in handy. Happy holidays!

By Amy Cavill

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