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Yoga for Deep Healing

Yoga for Deep Healing

Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it. - Tori Amos.

Life is a meandering journey filled with highs and lows, twists and turns, and during difficult times, it can feel unbearable. We all experience pain and suffering––it’s inevitable. We also enter this lifetime with Samskaras, or shadows of past pain and suffering. For example, an emotional trauma suffered as a child that was never fully processed can show up as pain in the hips and lower back. Yoga offers a way to deepen your awareness of your subconscious emotions and process them.

Yoga can help heal your wounds––the mental, emotional, and physical. Through mindful breath and movement, we create not just a physical release but a psychological one. One of the primary ways yoga works is by profoundly impacting the central nervous system. Soothing the parasympathetic nervous system with quieter practices like Yin and Restorative yoga can help you relax, stress less, and sleep better.

Yoga and meditation reduce cortisol levels, which are our stress hormones. If we’ve got too much cortisol pumping through our bodies, we are constantly in a state of fight or flight and our adrenals become fatigued. It’s vital to balance out all that energy expenditure and quiet the mind. A more vigorous practice can help you purge excess tension. When our system equalizes through yoga, feelings of anger and sadness diminish and positive emotions like joy and confidence increase.

No matter what phase of life you’re experiencing, yoga can help. Yoga has been used for everything from healing a physical injury to programs for people suffering from PTSD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, to access the areas of the brain where individuals house trauma and fear. Even the traditional medical arena encourages yoga and meditation for their patients more and more frequently. Explore this week’s classes and experience the healing benefits for yourself. Don’t be afraid to go deep and harness yoga’s powers to help you heal from within.

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