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Worry is a Waste: Yoga for Optimism

Worry is a Waste: Yoga for Optimism

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.” - Corrie Ten Boom, Clippings from My Notebook

Did you realize that fear exists only in the future, not in the present moment? Maybe you’re scared to attempt your first handstand or fear what might happen when your rollercoaster car teeters at the the peak above an enormous hill right before it drops. Perspiration pops up on the back of your neck, butterflies flit around in your belly, your pulse kicks in your veins in the seconds before you do something that scares you. But, when you’re balancing on your hands or screaming and laughing on the ride, you are not afraid. You’re simply experiencing.

Worrying about the future won’t change it. According to Yoga Sutra II:16, Heyam duhkham-anagatam, the suffering not yet come must be overcome. Or in other words, anticipate the mistake and prevent it. We cannot control external events, we can only work on becoming as strong, calm, and happy as possible today.

Stressing about falling out of that challenging posture won’t help you remain steady. When you spend today anticipating something negative that might occur tomorrow, you sap the joy from today. Yoga reminds us to focus on navigating the now, filtering out repetitive thoughts, and learning to accept the present moment.

As humans, we struggle to release regret for the past. All those unprocessed emotions sit in our tissues and manifest as tightness and pain. Part of our yoga practice is designed to release what no longer serves us. When we create space in our bodies, we’re able to let go of past trauma and pain. Think back to the last time you held pigeon pose for a few minutes––didn’t your heart feel lighter?

Sitting with our emotions while we breathe and move on the mat empowers us to let go of our worries. Expand your emotions creating a stronger more supple body, a clearer mind, and a softer heart. Then, when tomorrow comes, you are better equipped to handle whatever happens. Check out these great classes and see how optimistic you feel!

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