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Pineapple Smoothie with Oats

Pineapple Smoothie with Oats

Drinking from a hollowed-out pineapple (or any other fruit for that matter) instantly makes me feel like I am on vacation. But instead of a rum-based drink, today my pineapple was filled with a super healthy oat-pineapple smoothie. Still felt like a vacation drink to me, but this might be enhanced by sunny weather. Of course, if you have something better to do with your time than spend 20 minutes carefully taking the flesh out of a pineapple trying to not pierce the skin, feel free to drink from a glass. This is also a good option if using frozen pineapple cubes and the smoothie will be just as delicious, but you just need to get into the vacation mode some other way.

Oats in a smoothie are incredibly delicious and I highly recommend trying them. Basically, we are creating oat milk in the process of blending everything, but also keeping all the good fiber in the oats, so this is why I opted for whole grain oats + water instead of just regular oat milk. 

If I happen to have some homemade granola, I sometimes like to add some extra crunch on top of my smoothie, but this is completely optional. 

Pineapple Smoothie with Oats

Serves: 1

Cooking time: 5 min


1 cup of pineapple cubes (can be frozen or not)

½ banana

2 tbsp whole grain oats

½ cup cold water


If you are using frozen pineapple, let it thaw for 5 minutes. 

Then just throw everything into a blender and whizz away. 

An extra tip – if using fresh pineapple, feel free to also use the tougher core part. As we are blending the drink we are not going to feel the toughness, but it is full of nutrients.

By Kadri Raig

Kadri is a food blogger and yoga teacher from Estonia. She loves to spend time in the kitchen, but most of her recipes are simple and don’t take more than 20 minutes of active cooking time. She thinks that everybody can find time to cook healthy food at home, it is just a question of planning. "I work in an office full time, teach yoga 7-8 hours a week and write a blog. So if I manage to cook most of my meals, then so do you!" Connect with Kadri and enjoy many more of her delicious healthy recipes on her website here:

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