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Consistency is Key: Short Practices to Keep Showing Up

Consistency is Key: Short Practices to Keep Showing Up

“Practice and all is coming.” -K. Pattabhi Jois

One of the most common pieces of advice you’ll receive from yoga teachers is to make time for your practice––daily if you can. What you usually don’t hear is for how long, when, or where to practice. The key element is to be consistent with your yoga. We’re here to encourage you to release the attachment to believing you must spend a certain amount of time on your mat to “make it count.” 

There’s an element of freedom and surrender when you recognize that you:

Do not have to spend 60 or 90 minutes minimum to garner the benefits from your yoga practice. Short and sweet is good!

Can commit to shorter yoga practices on busy days or all days if you’ve only got twenty or thirty minutes. You will receive all the physical, mental, and emotional benefits.

Your practice is unique to you! You’re a yogi if you practice ten minutes or one-hundred minutes a day, as long as you’re dedicated to being fully present while you’re on the mat.

Of course, a longer practice incorporating pranayama and meditation, along with the asana, gives you a well-rounded experience and an opportunity to go deeper. But the reality is, practicing more frequently instills the habit into your system. Many people never start because they are intimidated by what they perceive as an insurmountable commitment. Sound familiar? 

Every single one of us has the same 48 thirty-minute segments each day. If you’ve been struggling to step onto your mat consistently, why not try waking up thirty minutes earlier or taking a quick class during your lunch hour? Can you carve out one of those short segments for yourself? To achieve your own sense of radiant health and happiness?

A consistent yoga practice will make you physically stronger and more supple so you can enjoy your daily life feeling good in your skin. A consistent yoga practice will quiet your busy mind and help you focus your attention where you want it to go. And a consistent yoga practice will generate feelings of joy and serenity to aid you in managing the stresses of the world. 

To make yoga’s myriad of benefits more accessible, we’ve compiled some classes that are short on time, but long on benefits. All you need to do is press play and prepare to feel awesome.

Mark Morford - Deep 30 Vol. I

YogaDownload Online Yoga Class

Ellen Kaye - Brain Break

Celest Pereira - Half Lotus Flow

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