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Vegan Stuffed Shells

Vegan Stuffed Shells

Vegan Stuffed Shells


Tomato-Basil Marinara:

2x 28 oz. cans tomato puree (I love Muir Glen products. They're a little pricier but worth it.)

1/2 cup dried basil (That's not a typo. It's really 1/2 cup, not 1/2 teaspoon) 2 tablespoons of maple syrup 1 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon black pepper

Mix all ingredients and simmer over medium-low heat, stirring frequently. Meanwhile, prepare your filling and shells.

Vegan Spinach Ricotta Filling:

14 oz. package extra-firm tofu

8 oz. container vegan cream cheese (I used "Veggie" classic plain. Be sure to look for brands that use non-hydrogenated fat)

10 oz. package frozen spinach, thawed

1 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon black pepper

Directions: Begin by pressing all the water out of the tofu by wrapping it in a towel and squeezing it. A lot of water will come out. Likewise, squeeze all the water out of the thawed spinach over a colander. Place all the ingredients in a bowl and mash thoroughly with a potato masher.

Prepare one 12 package of Jumbo shells according to the package directions. Rinse and drain. Spread a layer of sauce on the bottom of a baking dish. Fill and line up your shells in rows. Cover with another layer of sauce. Bake in a 350° oven for 30-40 minutes. This recipe will make about two dozen stuffed shells, enough for 4-5 people. Double, triple, quadruple...depending on just how happy you want to get and how many people you want to feed.

By Beth Mausert

Beth Mausert is a mom, a foodie and a yogi. She teaches vinyasa flow classes in Saratoga Springs, NY. You can find her on Instagram here @beth_beaton_mausert.

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