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The Effect Of Food On Your Mind

The Effect Of Food On Your Mind

“You are what you eat,” we all have heard it, know it, and most of us believe it. But are we aware of it and the aspects related to the effects of food on our minds? We need to take care of what we are eating and what is eating us.

We know the effects food has on our bodies and have basic knowledge about what food contains what kind of nutrients and in what quantities, also what kind of nutrients we need to get healthy to lose fat, etc. But we have probably not given importance to the effects of food on our minds and personality. 

Does the food we eat really affect our minds and thoughts?

We were under this misconception that food is only limited to the nutritional value it has. But food has an immediate effect on our minds and thoughts. Apart from nutrients, our food also has vibrations that are influenced by two things:

1. The vibrations the food itself has
2. The vibrations of the person who is cooking the food for us.

Our thoughts are affected by both of these vibrations. If these vibrations are not good, we consume those bad vibrations with the food. Therefore it is very important to focus on the state of mind of the person who is cooking the food. Like if a mother is cooking for the child, it is important for her to be in a happy, peaceful, or stable state of mind and not angry, depressed, or sad because she is going to serve those thoughts to her child not directly but in the form of food. Both negativity and positivity have different vibrations.

The effect of food on thoughts

There is scientific research about the effect of food on thoughts which is done on plants. The same kinds of plants were planted in the same kind of soil and land, fed with the same water, but the people watering the plants were different. Some were reported to feel high levels of negativity, some were deemed as 'regular' people, and others were highly-emotional people.

After 4 months, it was noticed that the growth of plants watered by the negative group was the least of the three, the normal people were better, and the growth of plants watered by highly-emotional people was the highest of all three because of their care, concern, and positive vibrations while feeding the plants.

This is a very simple experiment which we can do at our home with two same types of plants. We need to water them regularly in the same way, but we need to nourish one of them with our positive vibrations, love, and concern, we can also talk to that plant and build a relationship with it like a friend, and we don’t have to do this with the other plant, in fact, we should water that plant at such a time when we are angry or are feeling bad. After a month or two, we can see the difference in the growth.

There are also other scientific researches that prove that thoughts and intentions can alter the physical world around us.

Aura or energy field of food through Kirlian photography

Food is not the matter, but it is energy, and the energy levels of food can be measured. It is seen that fruit has the highest energy level, then sprouts, after that vegetables and at last flour have lowest energy level. Also, in the case of fruit and vegetables, fresh fruit and raw vegetables have higher energy than stale fruit and cooked vegetables.

This energy is in the form of aura, which is measured through Kirlian photography. In this technique, when the picture is taken, we can see the full energy field of the body. It has the shape of the person, and the rest of it has colors depending on its energy level.

This technique can be used to check the levels of energy in foods too, and it will be clearly visible in pictures that fresh fruit or a fresh raw vegetable will have more light colors, and the colors of stale fruit or a cooked vegetable will be on the darker side.

Why is plant-based food better than non-plant-based food?

We all know that plant-based food is better than non-plant-based food for health, but we still consume non-plant-based food by giving ourselves justification that it contains a high level of proteins and energy. But the other fact is that soy bean protein is an amazing protein, and there are other vegetarian and vegan options available, and they are highly nutritious.

These days the frequency of heart diseases is increasing like anything, and the main reason for it is cholesterol, and non-veg food contains high levels of cholesterol.

Another very important aspect of non-plant-based food that people do not focus on is when a living being is killed, it has a high level of toxic chemicals being secreted just before it is killed because of fear and anxiety. When the flesh is cooked, these chemicals do not get destroyed and are retained in the body and therefore, when we consume a meat-based dish, we are consuming these toxic chemicals and also the vibrations of fear and anxiety within us.

So, now we are aware of the important aspects of both plant-based and non-plant-based food we need to make our choice among whether we want plant-based proteins and nutrients without fear, anxiety, and toxic chemicals, or animal proteins that can be higher in them. 

It is our body and our mind, and we have to take care of what we consume to make them healthy.

By Terrence Curtis

Terrence Curtis is a professional writer who is interested in topics such as personal growth, wellness, and motivation.

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