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8 Ways to Give Back this Earth Day

8 Ways to Give Back this Earth Day

Earth Day found its beginnings in 1970, in the United States, and years later the environmental movement has gone global. Over a billion people worldwide get involved each year with Earth Day activities and trying to make the world a better place. Here are some small ways you can get involved and give back this earth day.


One of the essential things we need to do to protect the Earth is simply recycling. An easy thing to do is try to reduce the amount of waste you produce by recycling and reusing materials that don’t need to go into the bin. Simple things like recycling cardboard and paper, reusing glass and plastic materials can help, and you can also do things like buying second-hand rather than new.

Reduce Meat Consumption

Meat production and consumption have a large impact on the environment. The livestock sector can produce as many greenhouse gases as cars and automobiles. Simply reducing meat and dairy consumption can help to reduce the environmental footprint the industry has on the planet. Try a meat-free monday, or swap out meat products for alternatives a few nights a week!

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Cars can massively contribute to air pollution, and a lot of cars in one place can have a huge impact on our air quality. Why not do your bit by ditching the car, and instead cycling, walking, or taking public transport? Anything we can do to reduce our car travel will help to reduce our carbon footprint and improve air quality for ourselves and our communities.

Cut Down on Plastic

It’s 2021 and we still have plastic everywhere! We can make a difference by putting in the effort to reduce plastic usage and make some swaps in our day-to-day life. Try using solid products like shampoos, soaps, and deodorants that would otherwise come in plastic packaging. You can also use a reusable cloth bag in the grocery store rather than a plastic one. Even reusable water bottles can make a huge difference in the amount of plastic in the world. 

Cut Down Your Water Usage

Paying more attention to how much water you use can help to reduce your consumption in your day-to-day life. Little changes like turning the tap off when you’re not actively using it when brushing your teeth or washing your dishes, as well as swapping baths out for showers can have a huge impact on the amount of water you use and benefit the environment. And buy a reusable water bottle so you don’t find yourself needing to buy plastic single-use when you’re out and about.

Watch Your Buying Habits

Making smaller changes to your buying habits can greatly improve your impact on the environment. Shopping at local farmers' markets reduces CO2 emissions used in transport. Also, zero waste shops where you bring your own reusable containers reduce plastic waste and packaging. Even clothes, furniture are available to buy second-hand and reduce waste.

Watch Your Food Waste

Food waste can fill up our bins quickly, but you can counteract this by trying to reduce the amount of food you throw away. Using up all your ingredients instead of throwing things away can have a great impact on the environment. You can even create a compost bin to recycle your food waste - which when decomposed, will be great for your garden!

Switch Off Your Electronics for the Day

While it might be difficult in the modern world to not use any electronics, try your best to cut down on your electronics use, and unplug things like your TV, microwave, lamps. This will save you quite a lot of energy but not using them for one day - and you might end up realizing you don’t need them anymore!

By Amy Cavill

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