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Spontaneous Yoga

Spontaneous Yoga

This video was filmed in Victoria, Australia, the state of great food, people and culture. Our crew decided to choose our favorite locations and film a standing sequence there. From Apollo Bay to Portsea, we travelled and spontaneously found spots to land and practice yoga. We climbed fences and filmed in the rain to inspire, connect and share. We did not want or plan it to be "staged". We would jump out of the car and film a couple of minutes of the sequence that I call Prana Sequence. From folding forward to a wide extension, from arm balances to twists, it makes sense for my body and it creates a flow of Prana down the spine.

My favorite location from this video is Joanna Beach. Every time the sand from the beach goes between my toes as I step on it, I feel at peace. Some people from the aboriginal community say there are meridians that cross over  that particular beach spot where energies collide and create magic. 

By Masha Yoga

My yoga practice began aged 13 in Russia (Siberia) where i was born. In 2001 I migrated to Australia where I later did my yoga teacher training. I have traveled worldwide and have studied Purna and Anusara yoga with a combination of strength and conditioning training. My power vinyasa style is strong and fun, encouraging my students to keep their hearts open, wild and free. Visit to learn more. 

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