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Yoga for the Gold

Yoga for the Gold

Natarajasana - Lord of the Dance (variation)

How could we not start by talking about 15 year old Russian figure skating phenom Yulia Lipnitskaia? She might be double jointed everywhere, but she gives elegant new meaning to what’s humanly possible. Work toward her standing split backbend in Backbend Into Your Morning with Mimi Ferraro (55 min Intermediate class for $2.99). 

 Salabasana - Locust Pose

The aptly named Skeleton event involves racing head first down an icy slope at 70 miles an hour on a plastic yoga mat,which is an exercise in control, trust, a heck of a lot of bravery and a strong upper back. Follow in Great Britain’s Shelley Rudman’s tracks with a healing practice, Jackie Casal Mahrou’s Yoga For Back Pain 2 (30 minute All Levels class for $1.99). 

Utkatasana - Chair Pose 

It isn't called a power pose for nothing. Chair strengthens the thighs, calves, ankles and spine, reminding downhill skier Bode Miller to breathe for stamina. Find it abundantly in Dawnelle Arthur’s Power Vinyasa Flow 2 (45 min Intermediate class for $1.99).

Utthita Parivrtta Utkatasana - Revolved Chair Pose

USA Snowboarder Shaun White knows his way around Utkatasana variations. Make space in your body to get down the mountain with speed and style, with help from Twisting Out Negativity and Doubt with Nancy Nielsen (20 min Intermediate class FREE). 

Hanumanasana – Monkey Pose

Russian goalie Sergei Bobrovski expertly demonstrates the full yoga split. This hip opener is highly beneficial for the hamstrings, groin and pelvic floor muscles. Find it in Hips and Hams with Channing Grivas (60 min Adv. Intermediate class for $2.99). 

Utthan Pristhasana – Lizard Pose

Curlers (the player who releases the stone toward the target) are well practiced in Crescent Lunge, but did you know that many players also use the throw as an opportunity for a deeper hip opener? Here, Canada’s Cheryl Bernard demonstrates Lizard, also found in Danielle Diamond’s Xen Strength Yoga with Weights (30 min Adv. Intermediate class for $2.99). 

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