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Quest for the Press: 4-Part Handstand Workshop

Quest for the Press: 4-Part Handstand Workshop

Which handstand camp do you belong to? When it comes to handstands, there is no middle ground, it’s either: I love handstands and press up every chance I can or no way can I balance on my hands. Whether you love them or hate them, this week’s special Quest for the Press Program can benefit you. 

Now, if you’ve never been able to do a handstand or you’ve tried but been unable to achieve one, this program provides a methodical, intelligent, progressive method. Each class builds upon the prior sequence. You’ll work toward overcoming fear and press up into handstand with confidence. And if you are already a handstand aficionado, it never hurts to review technique and maybe even learn some new tips and tricks! 

Certain people should avoid this upside-down pose if they have high blood pressure, spinal issues, or brain injuries. While the reverse blood flow to the brain that accompanies inverted postures is usually an energy booster and benefit, it should be avoided in these circumstances. Also, if your shoulders and wrists lack adequate strength and mobility, handstands could cause injury. That’s why it is so important to work on building strength and mobility in these two key areas. 

So, why put in all the work to perfect your handstand? Besides how much fun they can be and how cool they look? Handstands require core and upper body strength, so practicing them will help improve abdominal and spinal strength. It’s an active posture which means you must stabilize your muscles to remain steady. You’re bearing all your weight on your hands, which helps strengthen the bones in your shoulders, arms, and wrists. Physically, the benefits are clear. 

A handstand requires work to balance in space and doing so requires you to focus your attention. This intense concentration helps improve mental clarity and overall well-being. The inverted position taps into the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps you feel happier and more relaxed. Also, by going upside down, you’re enhancing circulation and benefiting your entire system.  

Angela Kukhahn’s skill and talent in encouraging you to find the magic in advanced poses and release fear will motivate you to continue returning to the mat. Her comprehensive press program will help you to build the strength, flexibility, and confidence to help you overcome this challenging entrance into the advanced Handstand pose, while also keeping your wrists and shoulders happy and healthy! This program should be taken at your own pace and modify as necessary. Most of all: have fun with it!

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