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Quest for the Press: 4-Part Handstand Workshop

Ready to tackle the press handstand that you’ve been wanting to work on? Let’s do it! This press program will help you to build the strength, flexibility, and confidence to help you overcome this challenging entrance into the advanced Handstand pose, while also keeping your wrists and shoulders happy and healthy! This program should be taken at your own pace. Each sequence is harder than the one before it and has different more advanced movements.

Yoga is about constantly expanding your limitations. Whether you've already mastered Handstand and want to get into the pose in a more advanced way, or are feeling ready for a new challenge in your practice, this program is for you! You'll build the strength and flexibility to get closer towards pressing into a Handstand, with expert teacher, Angela Kukhahn's guidance. You'll also learn and refine the techniques needed to achieve this highly advanced pose. In the process, you'll strengthen your core and upper body, in this progressive and light-hearted series of yoga drills.

Inversions like Handstand, have an array of amazing benefits. There are also benefits in adding postures that do not come easily into your yoga practice.

Each class in this workshop series is between 30-40 minutes long. Get ready to step outside of your comfort zone and make yourself stronger in the process of learning how to press yourself upside down!

  • Intermediate and advanced yoga students
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to press up into a Handstand
  • Those who want to challenge themselves on their yoga mat

  • Four technique based workshops that build strength and improve technique
  • Practices to build strength and flexibility
  • Workshop style classes between 30-40 minutes long


Full Program
Quest for the Press: 4-Part Handstand Workshop
$ 16.00
$ 16.00
Program Items
Day 1: Quest for the Press 1 In the first class you will be going over introductory movements to get your body ready for the press handstand.
Day 2: Quest for the Press 2 In the second class you will be ramping things up and including more difficult movements to continue to build or strength, stamina and flexibility.
Day 3: Quest for the Press 3 Expect to be challenged in the third class, but feel free to take it down a notch if got this!
Day 4: Quest for the Press 4 In this forth and final class you will be pushed to the limit, but you did it! Remember to stay consistent to reach your goals and take rest days in are limitless!