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2-Week Yoga Challenge: A Fresh Start

2-Week Yoga Challenge: A Fresh Start

As we approach the equinox on September 22, 2020, it’s time to align with nature. On this day where the night and the day are equal length, it’s the perfect opportunity to focus on establishing your equilibrium. It’s always an ideal time to set intentions when seasons change, and we’re here to encourage you with a Fresh Start Challenge beginning on September 21st. 

No matter where you live, 2020 has been a year of dramatic and shocking events. We’ve all been required to adapt in our professional and personal lives, often without much choice in the matter. If you’ve been consistent with your yoga practice this year, hopefully, you’ve had an outlet to help you ride the tidal wave of change. The world is transforming and all we can do is work on keeping our minds, hearts, and bodies in balance from the inside out. Join your global yoga community for a two-week effort to make a shift toward balance together. 

By honoring the changes occurring on Mother Earth, with the equinox being the time of evenness, balance, and equal light and dark, we utilize the guidance of nature’s forces to become more balanced. We connect with ourselves and connect with nature and connect with the cycles of life. Harnessing the energy of the earth and planets movement aids us in becoming stronger with less struggle. 

If you are approaching Autumn in the Northern hemisphere, accept the shift toward shedding layers. When the leaves fall from the trees, there’s a waiting period through winter until they bloom again. When we accept that we can slow down and rest, we’re being like the trees and flowers: preparing for new growth.

If you are in the first beautiful bloom of Spring in the Southern hemisphere, savor the promise of new life. If it’s Spring where you live, it’s an excellent time to plant seeds for growth and change in any areas of your life you would love to see come to fruition. Take the time to consider how you can best align yourself with the upcoming equinox

If you’d like to join with thousands of yogis all over the globe and seek equilibrium together, sign up for our Fresh Start Challenge. It’s a well-balanced mix of classes from mellow to vigorous. Participants will receive their class choices every day in their inbox and share in the experience with all the challengers. We all need connection and this is a great way to connect with like-minded people. Enjoy! 

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