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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

We've taken time this past week to process, think, listen, learn, and formulate a plan to take definitive action in regards to the #blacklivesmatter movement.

We always have, and always will, stand in solidarity, side-by-side, with our black brothers and sisters, and vehemently fight against racism in any shape or form. We absolutely will not tolerate it.

We are committed to being a part of the solution, to standing up and speaking loudly against racism in any form, to educating ourselves and our community, and open people's eyes and hearts to the inherent oneness that binds us all together.

We promise to continue to listen, to be vocal, to take action, and to fight for real change.

For us, while we acknowledge and honor our differences, we only see brothers and sisters who are sewn from the same cloth. And the only reason to distinguish the different patters, is to explore its incredible beauty.

How we are taking action: we have made a donation to the National Police Accountability Project and, and will continue to do so on an ongoing basis through our YDL Gives Back program. We will increase our efforts to promote a culture of inclusivity and togetherness through our social media channels and on our site, and will work to amplify the voices of black teachers and those working to promote positive change. Our staff and team will continue to safely support local events and peaceful protests in our areas.

Finally, we would like to make it clear that this is not a one-time show of support. This is a declaration of our ongoing commitment to real lasting change, and to the work that goes into continuous learning and growing.

There is a lot of work to do. We are listening, we feel you, we're here with you.

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