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Sharpen Your Edge at Work with a 2-Week Lunch Break Yoga Challenge

Sharpen Your Edge at Work with a 2-Week Lunch Break Yoga Challenge

We’ve got an invigorating new yoga program designed to fit in during your lunch hour. This collection of 10 short, dynamic classes will give you the structure to stay consistent in your practice. Here are 3 reasons why you should take the challenge to not just improve your strength and flexibility, but also achieve peak performance at work

1. Improve your mental focus and clarity all day: After a busy morning working or studying, your brain can feel foggy and dull. When you’ve got another several hours at work, you need to reset and find a way to hone your focus and be productive. By shifting your attention to breathing and moving on your yoga mat, you give your busy mind time to rest and settle. Even a short class will provide you the opportunity to feel refreshed. You’ll return to your project with increased clarity and focus and maybe even finish up early! 

2. Boost your confidence: When you take the time to step away from whatever is happening at work and reset your thoughts, you are reinforcing your inner strength and confidence. No matter how your day began, pausing to take time for yourself and reset gives you the confidence to proceed with the rest of your day. Time on your yoga mat is an opportunity to look within and recognize just how powerful you already are. By choosing to practice yoga each day, you are choosing to be the best version of yourself and others see that as true confidence. Enhance your self-worth by recognizing that taking time for yourself will make you stronger and more effective at whatever you do

3. Manage Stress and Anxiety: Many of us struggle to cope with stress at work. Whether you’ve got a tough boss or co-workers, a project that doesn’t want to cooperate, or whatever issues pertain to your particular career, anxiety can hinder your performance. Getting out of your head and into sensation and breath for a short period can soothe your nervous system, release endorphins, and calm you down. After some vigorous movement, often the looming stresses don’t seem so formidable. Add in some mindful breathing or Pranayama and you’ll shift into a feeling of calm. 

If you already have an established yoga practice, you recognize all these benefits. Try shifting to a mid-day practice for a few weeks and see how it impacts your day in a different way. We believe you’ll love the results!

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