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5 Celebration Ideas for Earth Day

5 Celebration Ideas for Earth Day

Get grounded and celebrate Earth Day with 5 rituals and 4 New yoga classes!

How will you thank Mother Earth and celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd? 193 countries around the globe hold events to celebrate Earth Day. To honor the planet that provides our home and sustains us with air, water, food and all our necessities, take the time to attend a local event or create your own ritual. This week, we’ve got five celebratory suggestions for you, in addition to four new classes that embody the qualities of our planet. Grounded, strong, reliable, and generous.


Here are 5 celebration ideas to make give thanks to the Earth and make your Earth Day meaningful!

1. Lights Out

Turn off the lights and appliances and see if you can go one day without using any energy. Set up tons of candles to prepare for an old-fashioned evening and lighten your environmental impact in the process. You’ll not only save energy, but you may have a lot of fun too! It's also said ditching artifical light from time to time benefits sleep and overall health

2. Change your Transportation for A Day

Walk, cycle, or take public transportation to work if you have a long distance to traverse. Leave your car keys at home and contribute to cleaner air. Enjoy a new perspective as you commute. Who knows, you may choose to make the change permanent.

3. Practice Yoga Outside

Take your yoga practice outside and savor the feel of the ground beneath you, the sky above you, and the fire in your center. Even simply standing in Tadasana (Mountain Pose) for two minutes with your eyes closed and your focus on your relationship to the earth will strengthen your connection to the planet.

4. Clean Up Your Neighborhood

Start an unofficial neighborhood cleanup. Grab your family and friends and some trash bags, and pick up every scrap of litter you see. You could go to a nearby park, beach, or open space. If you live in a more urban setting, walk up and down the streets and remove each piece of trash sullying your environment. Bring extra bags to hand out if other people are inspired and want to help. Even one hour of doing this will make a difference and make you feel good about your contribution to helping the earth and your neighborhood. Maybe next year your cleanup will be an official one! 

5. Meditate on Nature.

Start your morning with a meditation dedicated to nature and the environment and carry your intention with you for the rest of your day. The meditation can be focused on feeling gratitude for a form of nature, such as the sun, the ocean, the moon, or the grass. Whatever you choose, focus on the energy of the natural world and let it wash over you. Feel a true sense of gratitude for the sun smiling down on you, the water you drink, the air you breath and your connection to all of it.

Happy Earth Day!

New classes that honor the Earth:

1. Denelle Numis - Earth Yoga

2. Christen Bakken - The Seed of Potential: A Grounded Vinyasa

3. Shy Sayar - Therapeutic Alignment (Mountain Pose)

4. Pradeep Teotia - Welcome Home

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