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One Year without Alcohol: Month 3

One Year without Alcohol: Month 3

Month three of sobriety and I find myself back in NYC, in the last hurrah of winter.

The bitter cold hasn’t broken yet and my warm blooded skin is so ready for spring. My relationship to alcohol is tepid. I go out with friends and feel comfortable not drinking, but I do notice this desire to give to myself not only alcohol, but other indulgences that don’t necessarily serve my best self, not to mention my waistline.

So this month I decided to explore what my alternatives are for treats, self care, and ways to give to myself.

This month it was in the form of a fairly expensive facial, which I haven’t given to myself in 8 years. Sure, I keep my nails and toes well manicured and my hair is trimmed and my color is in shape, but that feels more like professional upkeep, rather than an indulgence, something extra, or a way to wind down and let some of the daily stress shake off. This feels like a turning point.

Some people have a regular bar tab of $50. I have may have just developed a monthly facial habit for $200. So it feels similar but actually is quite different. In addition to my facial habit, I also have a mild addiction to the tropics and so after 5 weeks of working everyday, I’m flying down south for a week of surfing. I have discussed my current decision to abstain from alcohol with friends and have thought about making an exception for foreign soil. Can I go to my friends wedding in Spain and not have a glass of Rioja? I’m not sure exactly what I’ll do.

Tune in to month 4 for more of this journey.

By Anna Farkas

Anna is a Brooklyn based yoga teacher and writer. She loves looking at all the sides of the health and wellness industry and shedding some playful light on tough issues. Her favorite hobby is buying plane tickets and she leads retreats internationally. She is AcroVinyasa certified and pursuing her 500 hr certification with Dharma Mitra. She will eat all the avocados in the sunshine.

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