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A 2-Step Guide to Holiday Bliss: Yin Yoga & Meditation

A 2-Step Guide to Holiday Bliss: Yin Yoga & Meditation

You’re probably multitasking right now while you read this. Our lives today are so much about getting things done and going through the never ending to-do list that we forget to pause, reset and rejuvenate. Plus, with the holidays near, we may find ourselves being pulled in a hundred different directions. There has to be a Yin to all the Yang created by travel planning, gift shopping, meals, celebrations (and recovery).

‘Tis the season to be merry and nothing should dampen that spirit. Spare a little time to journey inward and focus on just being. This will surely multiply the joy of your celebrations and help in getting things done faster and more efficiently. Wondering how to put this in motion? We have a simple recipe for it - Follow our 2-step guide of Yin Yoga and Meditation, to Holiday Bliss and witness heaps of love coming your way:

Step 1: Move into stillness with Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a practice that teaches us to ‘do less’ and ‘be more’. The poses are held for a longer duration, training the body and mind to disengage and try less. As you move through each pose you learn to be in perfect harmony with stillness. These slow sequences prepare the body to embrace the discomforts that arise from holding postures for several minutes at a time, and train the mind to observe stillness.

Yoga Download’s newest teacher, Caitlin Rose Kenney’s two new Yin classes take you through a holistic practice that will leave you feeling nourished. As you are guided deeper into each pose the energy channels are strengthened, benefiting your internal organs, immune system and emotional well-being.

In addition, Yin Yoga roots you and helps you transition more organically into seated meditation. Which brings us to Step 2 of our Holiday Bliss Guide.

Step 2: Pause with Meditation

An itch here, a twitch there -  many of us who have tried meditation know how distracting it can feel. The mind and body can sometimes seem like siblings who can’t get along. Holidays are a time when most of us journey outwards. We step out of the normal routine and open ourselves to new experiences, celebrations with family, and a gamut of feelings.

Our brain can get crowded and overwhelmed and in much need of some rest and ‘mental flossing’. Meditation is thus like a mental floss, it helps release built up stress and creates relaxation and calm, not just during the holidays, every day of our lives if we chose to practice.

After the Yin classes step into the sacred space created by Les Leventhal in his guided Meditation class. This practice helps expand the mind and unlocks endless possibilities for growth, joy and introspection.  

So move into stillness with Yin and pause with mediation to enjoy the things that really matter. This 2-step recipe for Holiday Bliss can be experienced firsthand by taking the following new classes from Caitlin Rose Kenney and Les Leventhal. Try for yourself to feel the difference!

1. Caitlin Rose Kenney - Yin Yoga for Energy and Clarity

2. Caitlin Rose Kenney - Yin Yoga for Stress Relief

3. Les Leventhal - Silent Meditation

4. Les Leventhal - Seated Meditation


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