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Variety is the Spice of Yoga
Variety is the Spice of Yoga

Your body is designed to move in different ways and injury can result from too much repetition. By varying your routine, you’ll equip your body with the power to avoid repetitive-stress injuries and also stimulate your mind by learning something new. In order to continue to grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually, it’s a great idea to pause and assess. Change is good!

This week, we’ve got a solution for all that uniformity—four new classes designed to shake you out of stagnancy that may be settling into your bones.

Even if your body is happy with your usual yoga practice, your brain could be shifting into auto-pilot. Stimulating your mind with fresh challenges and different perspectives is vital. A wealth of scientific and anecdotal evidence exists showing that actively continuing to learn throughout life is beneficial for attention, memory, solving problems, and making decisions. We promise you won’t be bored with Jack Cuneo’s latest: An Intro to Animal Movement.

Next, we’ve got a Pilates-Yoga hybrid class designed to strengthen your core, stabilize your spine, and maintain full-body flexibility. Claire Petretti Marti - Pilates Yoga Fusion: Core Focus. This class will help you concentrate on your center, which helps you not just in your yoga practice, but also in your daily life.

If you stick with active practices, you may miss out on benefits from more calm styles of yoga like Yin. In a Yin class, your nervous system quiets and connective tissue relaxes and that’s important to staying healthy. Elise Fabricant’s new - Yin: Release Resistance class will balance out your energy and leave you feeling refreshed inside and out.

If you usually like a moderate practice, shake it up with a class that takes you outside of your comfort zone, like Becca Riopelle’s - Rock Hard Body Blaster. You’ll sweat, smile, and shake out any hint of a rut.

Challenge yourself to trying something new this week. Get wild: maybe add a slice of avocado to your usual eggs and toast, drink sparkling water instead of flat, or walk a different route to work. Try one or all of these new classes and banish boredom.

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