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6 Ways Yoga Can Make you Better at Skiing
6 Ways Yoga Can Make you Better at Skiing
Yoga has lots of benefits for those who love to hit the snow. It can increase strength, flexibility and even balance - as well as helping prevent injury. Our classes this week focus on poses for skiers and snowboarders, and here’s some ways practicing yoga can make you better on the slopes. 1. Yoga will give you a strong core You’ll need a strong core for a good skiing or snowboarding posture. Keeping your core engaged, especially while skiing is important, as otherwise you will fold your upper body and put pressure on your back, making it harder to move and turn. The stronger your core, the easier you will find this. Yoga poses all require core strength, and you can practice poses such as plank and chair to give your core some extra strength before your skiing trip. 2. Yoga will help your focus