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$ 36.00

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Focus on Form: A 6-Day Advanced Alignment Series

Ready to take your understanding and precision of your yoga practice to another level? This 6-day series will make your practice significantly stronger and more fine-tuned. With intelligent sequencing and accessible yet profound alignment cues, Patrick guides you through classes that will have you more powerful in your yoga, and more successful in harder postures.

If you feel like sometimes your yoga practice plateaus, or you get comfortable doing the same poses, with the same teachers, and not investing time into learning more, or challenging yourself, this program is perfect for you. Patrick's classes will teach you, while still maintaining an enjoyable fluid flow, that keeps you in the zone and your mind focused. The series ranges in focus from inversions to twists, to heart openers and all classes take their time, and are between 45 - 70 minutes each.

It can be said, that if you go to a yoga class where you can do every pose perfectly and easily, you are in the wrong class. The purpose of yoga is to keep extending the boundaries of the body and mind, and continue to stretch what you believe is possible. As your practice advances, the adjustments, improvements, and refinements become more subtle, but nonetheless powerful and transformative.

To advance one's practice, there needs to be a balance of both learning and refining technique, and also putting the information into practice, with time and sweat on the mat. These classes provide an ideal balance of those two elements. Commit to your yoga and feel your strongest, with these 6 transformative and effective classes from Patrick.

  • Advanced beginners, intermediate to advanced yogis, ready to take their practice up a level
  • Those wanting effective technique and guidance in accessing bigger yoga poses
  • Yogis who want to both practice challenging classes, and also learn about technique and alignment in the process

  • 6 cohesive 45-70 minute, intermediate yoga practices, that each focus on a different part of the body
  • Alignment focused Hatha-Vinyasa yoga classes from expert teacher Patrick Montgomery
  • Tools for a more elevated and advanced yoga practice


Full Program
Focus on Form: A 6-Day Advanced Alignment Series
$ 36.00
$ 36.00
Program Items
Focus on Form - Backbends & Inversions This Align & Flow class is perfect for backbend lovers and anyone who wants to feel more radiant.
Focus on Form - Belly Down Backbends and Core This sequence strengthens the low back and core which which can help with back pain, digestion and make bigger backbends feel better.
Focus on Form - Hip Opening This thorough Align & Flow practice encircles the hip joints, activating and releasing the quads, adductors, external rotators and hamstrings.
Focus on Form - Standing Poses This practice shows you how to activate the feet, lift the arches and open the ankles and calves.
Focus on Form - Hips & Arm Balances Turn your attention to alignment in this strong and playful progression of standing poses, arm balances, and seated twists.
Focus on Form - Forward Folds This practice will help you relax, restore, prepare the body for meditation and get a good night's sleep.