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Sarab Shakti Mantras


It is a four pearl jewel; at the heart of each is a Tantric Mantra that irradia-tes its power through Ambient/Lounge music which is conceived for the initiate as well as the standard listener, who both will beneficiate pleasantly of the powerful effects of the Mantras. Every song can also be a perfect support for chanting meditation, notably “Sarab Shakti Mantra” which is made for dancing meditation, and “Healing Infinite Mantra”, which is a per-fect support for Kundalini-Yoga full moon healing meditation.

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Full Album: Sarab Shakti Mantras
$ 9.99
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1. 01 Protection Mantra 13:12
$ 2.29
2. 02 Sarab Shakti Mantra 25:03
$ 3.99
3. 03 Healing Infinite Mantra 15:12
$ 2.99
4. 04 Shiva Mantra 12:58
$ 2.29