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Siddhartha is the initiatic name of an exceptional professional path musi-cian, who assumes with all his creative power the double function of artist and yogi. Author, composer, singer and professional musician for more than thirty years, formed for the past twelve years by Anand Sharabi at Tan-tric Yoga, he teaches Kundalini-Yoga since 1999. This long-time expe-rience and his overwhelming creativity led him to realize “Sarab Shakti Man-tras”.

It is a four pearl jewel; at the heart of each is a Tantric Mantra that irradia-tes its power through Ambient/Lounge music which is conceived for the initiate as well as the standard listener, who both will beneficiate pleasantly of the powerful effects of the Mantras. Every song can also be a perfect support for chanting meditation, notably “Sarab Shakti Mantra” which is made for dancing meditation, and “Healing Infinite Mantra”, which is a per-fect support for Kundalini-Yoga full moon healing meditation.

Here is how the artist experienced the producing: "It was as initiatic as it could be. Most of the music had been composed and refined for a long time but the way of arranging and recording was really an exploration, since I was used to working with musicians in a classical way: rehearsing, then studio work, etc. This time I decided to control the synths and the sound processors, and every detail became so important for the whole that I redid the mixes, and even the mastering, several times, for some new idea; and I got in some kind of naïve perfectionism that in the end gave a very particu-lar color to the project which I was not aware of at the moment and that could not have been found in a regular way. As for the relationship with the Shakti who gave her golden voice to the project, Corinne Carton, nothing happened as planned... But we finally made it far beyond our expectations. And we did receive big recognition, from musicians, the public and last but not least, from my master himself—for serving the power of the Mantras."