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Jazz Ji


Influenced by Soul Music on a side and Bossa Nova on the other, attracted by the purity of certain electro sounds, I had always been an aficionado of Chill out, Nu-jazz and Ambient. But mantras took ascending on any other type of song and words, especially after the realization of “Sarab Shakti Mantras”. However, after having spent much time on Itunes, CD Baby, and other platforms of downloading or sites of independent music and found very good music, I remained a little on my hunger, because except for some exceptions like Wha! (Love Holding Love), Snatam Kaur, Mirabai Ceiba or Larissa Stow, chants CDs are in general on a orientalo-tmeditative mode, which is very well, but the musician that I am asked for something else… Until that I realized that what I was looking for outside was in fact inside! What a teaching…
So the music that I wanted I had only to carry it out! From there I had only one compass: pleasure of creating… And in the course of time from mantra to groove and Satsong concert, the titles were connected in pearl necklace, each Mantra in link with what we lived at the moment, such as, for example, the birth of Xan, the child of which Prem Kanala and I are the happy parents, that gave me the inspiration for “Latin Ramadasa”… And its wondeful and powerful effects on him, as on everybody! And then it was“Jazz Ji“ to be born…”

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Full Album: Jazz Ji
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1. Wahey Guru Ji 6:13
$ 1.59
2. Latin Ramadasa 7:17
$ 1.59
3. Protection Groove Mantra 8:42
$ 1.99
4. Shiva Shakti Chill 7:42
$ 1.59
5. Gobinda Hari 6:29
$ 1.59
6. Mulh Mantra 7:24
$ 1.59
7. Bliss Mantra 7:43
$ 1.59
8. Lokaha Bossa
$ 0.99
9. Long Time Sunshine 2:35
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