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Mabon Ritual (12:45)
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Mabon Ritual

Natalie Maisel

Mabon, Sept. 21 – is the time of the Fall Equinox. This time holds the night and day in perfect balance, as the wheel turns to the dark half of the year. We honor the aging of the Great Goddess as she passes to the Crone Stage, and her consort, the God, prepares for death and re-birth. At this time we give thanks as we yield our harvests and turn inward for the cold months. This is an auspicious time to finish old business and take time slowing down from the business of the past season. Allow yourself time to pause and reflect on your life as you celebrate Mabon.

This ritual will include a guided meditation to meet an ancient Grandmother tree of wisdom and receive insight. You will also enjoy an apple eating ceremony and libations to the Great Wise Mother.

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