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30 min class (30:00)
$ 5.99
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HardCORE Yoga w/ Weights™ 30 min Bootcamp

Becca Riopelle

Looking to build your way up to Becca's crazy-hard 60 min classes? We designed this class to give you a great and intense workout, but in only 30 minutes so it's more accessible if you're just starting out with weights classes or adding cardio to your yoga practice. This class is also perfect if you love the longer lengths, but are short on time. You'll still get an excellent blend of toning, stretching and cardio all rolled into one rockin' 30 minutes session.

If this is still a bit too much you could always start with Becca's 20 min Mini Bootcamp Class and then work your way up from there to this 30 min class. 45 min Builder Bootcamp coming soon!

*please note this class was previously titled "30 min Builder Class".

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