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Tadasana (1:53)
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Downward Facing Dog (2:06)
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Transition to Chaturanga (2:19)
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Chaturanga (2:58)
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Sun Salutation A (3:02)
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Breaking Down Dog - Sun Salutation A

Breaking Down Dog

Breaking Down Dog brings you short 2 minute technique workshops to help you deconstruct and perfect your yoga poses.

It’s not break time when you’re doing Tadasana. It, like Shavasana, are both poses that require attention and micro-adjustments to master. Ali Owens makes sure that you don’t neglect your Tadasana whether your just starting out or in your teacher training.

Downward Facing Dog
Instructor Ali Owens gives step by step instruction on one of the most famous poses in yoga. Whether you are a beginner needing to learn the fundamentals or a pro who wants to continue to make refinements, this video is perfect solution to polishing up your downward dog.

Transitioning Into Chaturanga
Janice Chiou walks you through the proper alignment of transitioning into Chaturanga, which is used in Surya Namaskara A and B. It is very important to take the transition step by step to make sure you do not have repetitive stress in the wrists and the shoulders, which practitioners risk doing in the long run. Taking your time with doing the correct positions will help strengthen your body properly.

Chaturanga is own of the most fundamental poses in the Suryanamaskara series. It is also one of the most often incorrectly done poses. Without the correct alignment, spacing, and approach, practitioners risk injuring themselves in the long run. Janice Chiou shows you how to get it right.

Surya Namaskara A (Sun Salutation A)
Surya Namaskara A is one of the first flow sequences you learn. Practitioners can have trouble achieving proper alignment and fluidity. Ali Owens walks you through this process, from how to fine-tune your body, to when to breathe. Ali shows two options, one for beginners and one for more advance practitioners.

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