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Matrika Prenatal Yoga

Inflextion Publishing

Whether you have desired this pregnancy for a long time or find yourself happily surprised, pregnancy is a time of great transformation and change that carries significance for our lifestyle, careers, family, physical body and identity. At times, these transformations help us connect to our creative power as a woman and we feel strong and deeply grounded. At other times, we are caught in a web of prenatal tests, concerned relatives, nausea and exhaustion and wonder how we will make it through. This gentle Matrika Prenatal Yoga practice is designed to nurture and support you at any stage of pregnancy. It’s just what you need at the start of a new day, the end of a long day or to help you refresh and rejuvenate at any time of day.

What is Prenatal Yoga?
Prenatal yoga is a carefully designed program of physical poses for strength and flexibility, breathing exercises, visualization and meditation techniques and relaxation skills that have evolved out of various yoga traditions through the innovation, experience and creativity of yoga practitioners and teachers. This practice is designed to address specific pregnancy issues and concerns: fear, anxiety, exhaustion, physical aches, relationships (intimate, family, career, etc.) and more. Finally, prenatal yoga practices are also designed to support a confident and intimate relationship between mother and baby before birth.

What does ‘Matrika’ Mean?
The Matrika is the vibration of truth that resides in the central channel of the body. The central channel is a line of energy that runs through the center of your body from the crown of your head to about three finger-widths beneath your navel. This is not a truth that can be spoken, discovered or refined. It is what you carry with you through all time. While you are pregnant your baby is literally bathed in this vibration creating one of the most intimate and true communications you will ever have with another human being. While the human ear is not capable of hearing the sound of this vibration, your baby can feel it and your yoga practice helps to open this space and bring you into alignment with that which is most true to you. Matrika Prenatal Yoga is designed to help clear the central channel so you can access this vibration, keep it clear and help connect with your baby through light, sound and feeling.

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