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Pre-Ride Warm Up - 20:00
$ 3.99
Post-Ride Cool Down - 30:00
$ 4.99
Off-Day Yoga Class - 60:00
$ 6.99
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Mind, Body, Bike

Inflextion Publishing

Yoga & the Art of Slowing Down to Speed Up

You are a biker, so you know how to move fast. Fast legs, fast mind, fast forward. Stop a moment. How well do you know yourself relaxed? How balanced can your training program be if you only go fast?

Slowing down will make going faster easier. Yoga teaches calm during exertion and ease during pain. When the world is speeding by and your heart is pounding in your ears, your yoga practice will be there to slow your mind and offer you strong, smooth inhales and exhales.

There are three parts to this class:

Pre-Ride Warm Up - (audio, text & images)
- Wake up your body and build heat with this 20min. sequence

Post-Ride Cool Down and Stretch - (audio, text & images)
- Stretch and relax your muscles with this 30min. sequence

Off-Day Yoga Class - (audio, text & images)
- Cross-train essential muscle groups and speed recovery with this 60min. sequence

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