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Warming Up for the Ride - 18:00
$ 5.95
Yoga for Cyclists - 32:00
$ 6.95
5 min Post Ride Stretch (5:00)
$ 3.95
All 3 Classes - 60:00
$ 9.95
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Yoga for Cyclists


Bicycling and indoor stationary cycling are among the best forms of fat-burning and cardiovascular conditioning but they often leave the biker with tightness, aches and pains in the back of the body. Repetitive cycling forces the body into forward spinal flexion, similar to sitting at a desk or driving a car for long periods of time. To counteract these muscles, all cyclist should use this yoga-based video to:

• Reduce stress and pain in the lower back
• Increase flexibility in the hamstrings, glutes and quadriceps
• Built a stronger core center and upper body
• Balance your body and reduce the risk of injury
• Open your chest, shoulders, and heart with complimentary yoga poses
• Decrease mental and emotional stress, and prevent overtraining

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