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Om Namah Shivaya (2:12:28)
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Seeing All Sides (2:10:51)
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Your Yogi Support Group (1:29:43)
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Finding What's Important (1:30:41)
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Alanna Kaivalya Live - Bundle 4

Alanna Kaivalya

Om Namah Shivaya - Live Class with Alanna Kaivalya
Recorded in Bali Indonesia, this class highlights the power of the mantra "Om Namah Shivaya," and talks about how to let go of worry and complications to live life with the understanding that everything is taken care of. This class contains philosophy, chanting, and an intelligently sequenced asana practice. Enjoy!

Seeing All Sides - Live Class with Alanna Kaivalya
Through the teachings of the Ramayana, we see that from all sides, no matter what circumstances our lives present, it's always best to live with an open heart. This class contains some lecture about the Ramayana, some chanting and an intelligently secquenced vinyasa class in the style of The Kaivalya Yoga Method. This class was recorded in Bali, Indonesia. Enjoy!

Your Yogi Support Group - Live Class with Alanna Kaivalya
Through my favorite story of the Ramayana, we learn the true meaning and value of friendship. We get to choose who we surround ourselves with and when we choose wisely, we create a satsang of people who will help us to lean toward the light. This class includes yoga philosophy and inspiration, live music and a kickin’ vinyasa practice. Recorded live in New York City.

Finding What's Important - Live Yoga Class with Alanna Kaivalya
What if we were to say only the things that really mattered? What would we talk about then? Our conversations would be totally different, and would reflect our inner priorities of loving more and expressing the affection we have to those that are important to us. This class contains yoga philosophy, intelligently sequenced vinyasa and great music in the style of The Kaivalya Yoga Method. Enjoy!

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