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Get Out of Your Own Way (1:38:09)
$ 5.99
Don't Miss the Vibrations (1:51:35)
$ 5.99
Finding Equanimity (1:25:36)
$ 5.99
Get Irrational (1:33:28)
$ 5.99
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Alanna Kaivalya Live - Bundle 11

Alanna Kaivalya

Get Out of Your Own Way - 98 min
This 90 minute class focuses on how to get out of your own way in order to be happy and free. Learn the first yoga sutra (1.1) and how it applies directly to your everyday busy life. Yoga is everywhere, we just need to get our of our own way to let the natural state of yoga arise within us. Enjoy this class chock-full of yogic wisdom and inspiration threaded through an intelligently sequenced vinyasa class.

Don't Miss the Vibrations - 1 hour 40 min
In this 90-minute class, we explore how vibration is the source of everything and how this gives us the permission to see the world in any way we desire. This Kaivalya Yoga Method class includes a fun and challenging sequence with an inspirational concept based on yogic mythology and depth psychology.

Finding Equanimity - 85 min
This master class will give you a sneak peek into Alanna's 100-hour immersion, which is the setting of this class. We explore one of the tenets of the Kaivalya Yoga Method based on the concept of equanimity presented in this Sutra from the Bhagavad Gita. This class includes intelligently sequenced vinyasa and inspiration derived from yoga philosophy and mythology.

Get Irrational - 90 min
This fun and inspirational 90-minute yoga class includes uplifting chanting, a dharma talk on letting go of the stipulations of the rational mind, and intelligently-sequenced vinyasa that brings you into the present moment and will make you smile in even the most challenging moments.

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