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Lead Me Toward Truth (1:28:58)
$ 5.99
Essential Energetic Alignment (2:05:16)
$ 5.99
Fullness and Emptiness (1:40:03)
$ 5.99
Creating an Internal Landscape (1:45:50)
$ 5.99
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Alanna Kaivalya Live - Bundle 12

Alanna Kaivalya

Lead Me Toward Truth - 90 min
This master class will give you an exclusive sneak peek into Alanna's 100-hour immersion as we explore the mantra from the Upanishads that gives us the secret knowledge to unlock the entire scope of Vedic wisdom. This exclusive master class includes intelligent sequencing, deep mythology and mantras, and plenty of stories to keep you engaged as you flow through the asanas.

Essential Energetic Alignment - 2 hours
This accelerated class teaches a basic system of alignment that you can apply in all postures, and that can help you understand the mechanics of your body no matter what shape it's in. Trying to memorize details of the physical body can be overwhelming. In this podcast and class, learn this valuable foundation of The Kaivalya Yoga Method to let your asana practice reach new heights and depths!

Fullness and Emptiness - 1 hour 40 min
This class is a sneak peek into the TKYM immersion and covers the essential yogic mantra regarding wholeness and perfection. Through exploring the mantra's source in the Vedas and pairing it with intelligently sequenced vinyasa, we access the transformative power of the chant.

Creating an Internal Landscape - 1 hour 45 min
In this exclusive class from The Kaivalya Yoga Method immersion, we explore Alanna's favorite sutra regarding the potential to change the world from the inside. Pairing the wisdom of yoga philosophy with intelligently sequenced vinyasa, we train ourselves to match the outer world with the inner and make the landscape of our inner world a beautiful reflection of what's on the outside.

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