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Discussion on Chakras (12:32)
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The Power of Devotion (2:25:22)
$ 5.99
Trade Negativity for Positivity (1:31:15)
$ 5.99
Chakra Workshop (1:54:32)
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Alanna Kaivalya Live - Bundle 2

Alanna Kaivalya

Discussion on Chakras - Overview and Illumination with Alanna Kaivalya
Please enjoy this bonus material! As part of a yoga teacher training at Jaya Yoga in Scranton, we had a discussion about the chakras: how they work, what they are, and why they're important to us as yogis. This lecture covers the relevance and philosophy behind the chakra system from Alanna Kaivalya, founder of The Kaivalya Yoga Method.

The Power of Devotion - Live Yoga Class with Alanna Kaivalya
We love Hanuman. This clever little monkey knew the meaning of true friendship. His story inspires us to have devotion in our practice that will inspire us to take the leap. As part of this Kaivalya Yoga Method practice, you’ll get some amazing intelligently sequenced vinyasa, live music, yoga philosophy and mythology and an inspirational focus that will heighten your experience of the yoga practice. Recorded live at Love Yoga Center in Naples, Florida.

Trade Negativity for Positivity - Live Yoga Class with Alanna Kaivalya
Ever heard someone say, “Get over it?” It’s a great suggestion, but how do we do it? This class looks into Yoga Sutra 2.33 which says, “When disturbed by disturbing thoughts, think the opposite.” We can create the space for change in our hearts and minds through this process and in this class I give some creative hints and tricks as to how to use our practice to alleviate our own negative cycles. In this Kaivalya Yoga Method practice you’ll get uplifting philosophy, challenging vinyasa and walk away inspired and refreshed. Recorded live in New York City.

Chakra Workshop with Alanna Kaivalya
Recorded live in New York City at Yoga Vida, this chakra workshop includes a brief discussion of how all seven energy centers work and a vigorous vinyasa practice specifically designed to balance the chakras. Alanna Kaivalya leads chakra workshops all over the globe. To find out when she'll be teaching near you, visit her website,

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