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Ganesh (23:48)
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Hanuman (16:21)
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Krishna (26:57)
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The Power of Om (18:54)
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Peaceful Warrior (23:45)
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Yoga Teaching Inspirations - Myths

Alanna Kaivalya

These Yoga Teaching Inspirations are audio lectures on how to build your class around pertinent themes and philosophy in yoga.

Ganesh is often thought of as the remover of obstacles, but I prefer to think of him as the revealer of possibilities.

Hanuman is a monkey deity and has a great story to illustrate certain things that, as yogis, we can learn, achieve, and use to go inside to find out what’s going on in heart and mind.

Krishna is featured in one of the primary yogic texts, the Bhagavad Gita, and his image is super relevant to yoga and lends us stories that enable us to practice.

The Power of Om
Because Om has all meaning as well as no meaning, it is a great way to bring spirituality into your class through chanting it and balancing the energy in the room.

Peaceful Warrior
Learn how to teach, through the influence of the Bhagavad Gita, what it means to be a peaceful warrior through specific asana and ways to integrate the dharma talk into the class.

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