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Embracing the Goddess - Yoga for Pregnancy

Lisa Richards

Create balance, energy and peace with yoga

This relaxing prenatal yoga flow teaches you to honor your pregnancy and enjoy the most challenging and rewarding time of your life. Learn how to feel more comfortable, present and centered during your pregnancy. Create more vitality, strength, flexibility and balance so you can maintain optimal body weight. The safe and effective stretches, with emphasis on proper breathing, will improve your focus on the present moment, which is a great benefit during labor and delivery. Lisa’s wonderfully soothing guidance lets you feel calm and rejuvenated, reduce fatigue and tension and increase circulation to have the best experience for mother and child.

• Calming yoga and breathing exercises
• Guided workout with seated and standing poses
• Gentle and relaxing weight control
• Relief for aching feet, legs and back
• Great for both mother and child

Run time 37 minutes

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