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Awesome Arms Upper Body Strength3 (32:49)
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Awesome Arms & Upper Body Strength 3

Mary Baker

It's time to turn up the heat! Join Mary Baker ERYT-500 & fitness enthusiast for Part Three of her 4-Part series designed to safely and progressively help you develop a stronger upper body and get a whole body yummy yoga flow, too!

Class three levels things up and you will work on more repetitive strengthening movements for the arms and upper body. If you aren’t feeling comfortable yet with the more advanced movements, feel free to modify and go back to the level one and two movements until you feel strong enough to progress.

Again you are encouraged to work at your own pace, take breaks when you need them, and to do this third class along with classes one and two multiple times until you feel ready for Class Four. Please make sure you are free from any injuries to the shoulders, arms, and wrists before starting these classes. Time to heat things up!

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