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Chandra (Lunar) Devotion Flow

Mark Morford

Slower. No, I mean *slower*. More potent, more deliberate, less fire and push and heat, more supple and enquiring and cool.

Can you do it? Can you change it up, upend your normal Vinyasa rhythm and *not* speed through a bunch of badass postures so as to build a good sweat, and instead move with a more intuitive, compulsive flavor of devotion? Of course you can. Is it worth it? Oh, you have no idea.

Make no mistake: This is still a deeply challenging, physically engrossing practice. Lunar Namaskar is a low, swirling, flowy, fertile dedication to Chandra, the lunar goddess (later depicted as a male god, in the mythology), AKA the Unknown and the Unknowable, the subconscious mind, the emotions, intuition, mystical, higher perception and imagination.

But never mind that now; just allow yourself to dive in deep. Did I mention slow? And the triple yoni/full-body mudra to start it all off? Ah, the moon. You’re soaking in it.

(Special shout-out to the always-luminous Shiva Rea, whose ‘moon salutation’ sequence from many years ago inspired a portion of this sequence).

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