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100 min class (1:38:18)
$ 8.99
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Forrest Yoga: Safe and Intelligent Back Bending

Cheryl Deer

Led by Cheryl Deer

In this class you will explore back bending movements in a safe way that frees energy and blood flow along the spine. Cheryl intelligently guides you through the Forrest Yoga breath work, abdominals, shoulder openers and sun salutations that prepare you for an energizing and strong wheel pose. This is an effective class that will bring new insights and space in mind and body!

One of the props for this class is a Forrest Yoga Mat Roll, you can also use a rolled up towel.

The steps to make a Forrest Yoga Mat Roll
1. Use an old yoga mat, or buy a thin cheap one at the store.
2. Fold the mat into thirds, lengthwise.
3. Move to the long end of the mat and roll the mat up as tightly as you can (sleeping bag style).
4. Once you see the width you desire (depending on hip size or personal preference) cut the tail end off with scissors. If it’s perfect as is, no need to cut.
5. Wrap your mat roll with something to hold it tight: rubber bands, fun colored duct tape, stretchy headbands, etc.
6. Voila! Mat roll complete.
Now, you have a tool that will expedite your healing process, massage your organs, and strengthen those inner thighs & abs like no tomorrow. Congratulations on creating one of the most useful props in yoga!

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