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Charity Classes

All or a portion of the revenue from these online classes go directly to the designated Charity.

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Power Yoga40 mins

Grounding and Centering Yoga Flow

Lauren Pech

This class will help you to focus on the present and learn to feel more whole and more aware. Through Lauren's expert guidance you will center yourself by returning all of your scattered energies to home base, and become more grounded by connecting to the energy of the Earth. Find the stability and peace you need to keep from getting carried away or becoming reactive with this powerful and moving flow.


Adv. Beginner & Up

You'll Feel It

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Hatha YogaMultiple Options

Yoga for Cancer Survivors

Jackie Casal Mahrou

This is an uplifting and empowering gentle flow designed for those who have struggled with, or are struggling with cancer. It is for all cancer survivors, whether you are newly diagnosed, receiving treatment, in remission, or cured. Yoga is an amazing tool during any difficult time as it enhances both physical and emotional wellness. This class does just that by allowing you to slow your thought processes and connect to something deeper, while moving your body in a gentle and healing way. It offers an incredible opportunity to let go of any negative emotions you may be experiencing, and find acceptance, empowerment, and peace.

50% of proceeds from this class will be donated to the American Cancer Society.


All Levels


Bolster or 2 pilllows, and a blanket
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Power YogaMultiple Options

Power Yoga 4 - Donation-based Class

Dawnelle Arthur

This is an incredibly powerful Power Yoga class brought to you by top-instructor, Dawnelle. This class focuses on the concept of Metta, or loving kindness, and poses are held for a long time so you can focus on the intensity of the pose and of this concept.

This is a very special class that we have created, and its completely free to everyone. If you would like, you can offer a donation toward the class once you are finished, and 50% of all money donated will go directly to the Cambodian Childrens Fund, the charity we are sponsoring through this class.

If you would like to make a donation, please click on the link below. Thanks SO much for your generosity and support!

Donate toward CCF

Note: Dawnelle's style of teaching has and continues to evolve since this class was recorded. Please also try her more recent style of yoga, Qi Yoga.



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