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Stability and Strength
Stability and Strength
Yoga Sutra 2.46 Sthira Sukham Asanam means each asana or physical posture should be a balance of steadiness and ease. Steadiness is a combination of strength and grounded energy. If your muscles quiver and strain when you’re trying to hold an asana, you’ll struggle to achieve a sense of calm. While flexibility and mobility are key elements of a well-rounded yoga class, without stability it’s impossible to truly find your yoga groove. We all can benefit from some yoga classes specifically designed to build internal and external stability so this week, we bring you four classes to help you feel grounded and powerful. You’ll embody strength and softness with each breath and movement. Classes focused on strength aren’t just about your muscles but creating a healthy spine and strong bones and joints. You’ll not only be able to hold postures longer while controlling your breath, but you’ll also release mental and emotional stress.