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Going Vegan: It Doesn't Have to be Weird
Going Vegan: It Doesn't Have to be Weird
Eating raw or vegan doesn’t have to be lonely, or obsessive, or weird to our friends, co-workers, or loved ones. It can be very inclusive and non-judgmental. If you find you are getting made fun of or teased, just hold your head up and keep your heart strong. If you find yourself getting emotionally engaged with animal rights and activism while your co-worker or lover is eating a turkey sandwich, relax! This is not the way to approach our meat eating loved ones. Let go of the judgement. It will just cause discomfort, disconnection, and turn others off. It is hypocritical, if we are choosing this diet to become more peaceful and then allow ourselves to get all worked up. Yes, going vegan is great for the environment and sustainability. Yes, it is a more peaceful lifestyle. Yes, being vegan can provide the body detoxification. It is also a yogic path. Yet, eating raw vegan, vegan, vegetarian, organic doesn’t have to come with the stigma that intimidates our meat eating loved ones. It is all about how we present it. Stay positive and excited when going vegan. It is not our business to judge or preach to others. If they ask about it, great! Tell them how you feel, and offer to share your raw vegan meal with them. Step by step, without any judgement ever. When going to a dinner party, you can bring a colorful fruit salad, or a raw corn and sauerkraut salad, which will be great at the pool party or somewhere fun to share with your friends. People may ask you questions but how we answer them doesn’t have to be stoic talks about factory farming, pollution, or the chronic disease epidemic. Just share with them how good you feel, or better yet bring extra to share, or invite them over to share a meal with you.