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The Devoted Heart
There is a Hindu myth where Ganesha attends a lavish dinner party hosted by Kubera, the Lord of Wealth. In this story Kubera throws extravagant parties to display his riches. The elephant-headed Ganesha eats the meal and is unsatisfied. Ganesha asks for more, then more and more until Kubera is out of food. Ganesha proceeds to eat the tableware, linens, furniture, and walls. Kubera panics and summons Shiva for help. Shiva satisfies Ganesha with a simple bowl of rice and asks Kubera if he gave the food to impress Ganesha or to selflessly serve him. Kubera truthfully responds he gave the food to flaunt his fortune. Shiva tells Kubera that when we act from ego no one is satisfied. Only when we give with a devoted heart are we, and those we serve, content.