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5 Best Yoga Poses in a Timecrunch
5 Best Yoga Poses in a Timecrunch
Top 5 Poses in a Time Crunch If you're like me, your yoga practice and it's consistency move in waves. I practice yoga multiple times every week usually. That said, some weeks I make it to class and my mat five times, and on other weeks, it's closer to two. It is important to remember, on days when we don't create the time for a full hour-long practice, there are great benefits for fitting in even a single pose into your day, even for 1-minute or less. So which poses will give you your best bang for your buck in terms of time investment and a return of benefits. Here are five that can reset your mood in a matter of moments. 1. Paschimotanasana 2. Seated Twist 3. Salabasana 4. Shoulderstand 5. Headstand (or handstand)