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New Moon Astrology Forecast: February 11, 2021
New Moon Astrology Forecast: February 11, 2021
This New Moon will bring the lessons of the last Full Moon into action. We have a rare and incredibly impactful 6 planet conjunction in Capricorn, with 5 planets (Venus, Moon, Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter) in one Nakshatra (lunar house). It’s time to unveil the wisdom that lies within your heart and raise the power of your gifts to build an unlimited future. The theme of this moon will carry you to higher objectives. It will call for a calm mind and tempered emotions to serve the higher ideals. There is a lot of energy stirring my loves, all of these planets in a tight conjunction are playing by Saturn’s rules and will require humbleness in order to unfold their wealth stream. Humbleness continues forward. Remember this is the year of Saturnian energy and since January 20th, humility will be paramount to individual evolution and collective unity.