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Lentil & Jackfruit Enchiladas
Lentil & Jackfruit Enchiladas
My recipes are usually very straightforward and quick, only containing a few ingredients and not many steps. For me, the current recipe categorizes under simple recipes too, but it does require quite many steps, especially if you also decide to prepare your own sauce and haven’t precooked the lentils in advance. I usually cook a large batch of lentils, chickpeas or beans over the weekend and then use them during the week in different recipes – it is an excellent way to save time during the busy working week and always prefer cooking my own legumes over the canned versions. Talking about the canned versions, this recipe uses quite an unusual ingredient that is canned because it is difficult if not even impossible to get fresh one outside of Asia. I am talking about the king of fruits – jackfruit! Jackfruit is a huge fruit mostly grown in South-East Asia, and I fell in love with it in Asia.